Noel Zamora (Nol-Z)

Noel Zamora also known as MC Nol-Z is a highly sought after MC in the wedding industry today. He has had countless events since the 90's and worked side by side with leading production companies throughout the years. Noel's experience has allowed him to be diverse in working with different ethnic cultures. We are grateful to have him as a part of our team.


Noel's unique style and professional presence on the mic is very warm and welcoming. His touch of both traditional and modern style can command any crowd to respond with pure energy throughout your event. His ability to create unique "crowd pleasers" has not only impressed past brides and grooms, but has left lifetime memories. Noel has mastered his craft time and time again and is highly recommended from past clients to others. Noel is true to his words and respected in the industry as the "Master of Ceremony!"